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Association for the Conservation of Bugoma Forest



ACBF is an environmental membership association, not for profit, formed in 2016 in Uganda on the initiative of Destination Jungle Limited with the main aim of helping the protection and conservation of Bugoma Central Forest Reserve and surrounding areas in Hoima District. The Association is built on the experience of the Bugoma Forest Conservation Campaign which was launched in 2014 and saw the participation of individuals, non-governmental organizations, groups and corporate companies sharing the same interest of organizing events and activities for conservation. In 2014, the Run foor Nature was a fundraising initiative aimed towards starting a tree-planting exercise in Bugoma. In 2015, the Chimpanzee Go initiative was launched with specially made handicrafts for fundraising and selling points. These may be found at Destination Jungle office, Ishasha Jungle Lodge and Bwindi Jungle Lodge.

The objectives of ACBF

  1. Organize activities, actions and events aimed at the sensitization of the general public and bringing positive change to the conservation of Bugoma central forest reserve, surrounding areas and buffer zones, communities, other forests in need of protection, for the purpose of conserving the forests and their biodiversity and to facilitate the positive involvement of the communities.
  2. Organize fundraising initiatives, campaigns and events to raise funds for the objectives of the association
  3. Support, promote and develop eco-tourism activities in the Bugoma forest
  4. Identify projects/project proposals for the conservation, social development of the region, implementation of scientific research and any other development and raise funds for their implementation
  5. Lobby and advocate the relevant institutions in favor of a better protection and conservation of Bugoma forest.
  6. Implement communication strategies to disseminate information about the association, about the actions, and about the forest.


The members of the association are renewed every year and they elect the Executive Board, composed by the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and other members who have the responsibility to run the operations of the Association. The Board is elected every two years. The office of the Association is currently located at the office of the founder members Destination Jungle LTD – Uganda Jungle Lodges LTD in Kampala, Robert Mugabe Road Plot 2B, Kinawataka.

Year 2016

[[blurb-pic]] For the year 2016 the Association is focusing on the following activities:
  • Recruitment of members
  • Promotion of eco-tourism activities in Bugoma Forest
  • Proceed with the tree planting/enrichment planting in degraded areas of the forest as it was initiated in 2014
  • Support law enforcement and patrolling of the forest to halve illegal logging and illegalities
  • To interact with local communities organized under the Collaborative Forest Management Groups to seek support for the cause of the Association and to identify possible benefits for them

Contacts and Social network

Association for the Conservation of Bugoma Forest Robert Mugabe Plot 2B, Kinawataka - Kampala Tel: 0414 232754 E-mail: Facebook page: Blog: