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  • Costantino Tessarin

    Managing Director

    • Costantino Tessarin MD Staff Picture
    • Costantino Tessarin, Italian, founded Destination Jungle Limited in 2008 and Uganda Jungle Lodges Limited in 2011. He is the Managing Director and tour consultant especially for Italian – French speaking countries.

  • Delpizzo Tony

    General Manager

    • Tony Staff Picture
    • Tony is the General Manager and Administrator of Destination Jungle. He supervises the various departments, he advises on corporate ventures and supervises human resources.

  • Minde Aidah

    Reservation Officer & Travel Consultant

    • Aidah Staff Picture
    • Aidah Minde is heading the reservations department, including travel consultancy and the reservations of hotels and services for Destination Jungle. She also heads the reservations at Ishasha Jungle Lodge.
  • Olah Christine

    Head Tour Consultant

    • Christine Staff Picture
    • Christine Olah is the Head Tour Consultant, in charge of liaison with most of the company’s clients, especially from European countries.

  • Kivumbi Teddie

    Tour Consultant

    • Teddie Staff Picture
    • Teddie Kivumbi is Tour Consultant and head of marketing in charge of Spanish speaking clients.

  • Waswaka Alex

    Chief Accountant

    • Alex Staff Picture
    • Alex heads the account department of Uganda Jungle Lodges and supervises the operations and human resources for the lodges.

  • Shimuyu Geofrey

    Chief Accountant

    • Geofrey Staff Picture
    • Geofrey heads the account department of Destination Jungle.

  • Natabona Dorothy

    Marketing Officer

    • Dorothy Staff Picture
    • Heading marketing for Uganda Jungle Lodges, Bwindi Jungle Lodge — Bwindi Impenetrable Park, Ishasha Jungle Lodge — Queen Elizabeth National Park.

  • Turyahabwe Hannington

    Operation Officer / Assistant Account

    • Hannington Staff Picture
    • Hannington is in charge of operations for Destination Jungle and for Uganda Jungle Lodges, also assistant account for Destination Jungle.